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Well Maintained Trip Service

Book a Safe Trip and Destination Transportation Ormond Beach

Our Rates

Trip Rate/$1.25 per mile
Trip Time Rate / $0 .10 per minute
Any trip totaling 100 miles or more will be calculated at $1.00 per mile and $0.10 per minute.
Rates are calculated before trip begins and include additional charges such as minimum trip charge or pick up fee. (if applicable).


The initial calculation of the trip is 72 minutes and your fare reflects this amount. However, the actual time of the trip was 92 minutes. There is no additional charge.

Only significant traffic delays or other circumstances that increase trip time over 20 minutes of original calculation may incur an additional charge.


Original trip time is calculated at 72 minutes and the fare for the trip has been previously paid. The actual time is 102 minutes. Upon completion of the trip, an additional charge of $1.00 may be assessed. (calculated below)

  • Original calculation of 72 minutes.
  • Actual trip time was 102 minutes.
  • 102 - 72 = 30 minute overage.
  • 30 minute overage - 20 minute allowance = 10 minutes.
  • 10 minutes X $0.10 per minute = $1.00

Credit or Debit Cards Accepted

Visa / Master Card / Discover / Diners Club / American Express

  • Mobile Pay App requires compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards and will NOT capture card number.
  • Receipt issued immediately with ENCRYPTED card number via email or text.




  • Fully insured with Progressive Insurance Company that includes roadside assistance.
  • Roadside assistance applies through Ford Motor Company as well.
  • Coverage for any issue.

For your convenience :

  • Sun Pass prepaid Toll program.
  • Satellite Radio.
  • Android phone power cord.
  • I phone power cord.
  • Floor lighting / alternating, multi-colored lights.
  • Car is equipped with SYNC system.
  • Your phone may be synced with the car system so that your music plays.
  • Rear cargo area and roof rack.


Calculated on an individual basis, trips that begin beyond the 25 mile radius of my home in Ormond Beach may be assessed an additional charge of $0.25 per mile.

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I am based in Ormond Beach, FL but will pick you up anywhere within a 25 mile radius at no additional charge.


- Sun Pass prepaid toll program
- Satellite Radio, standard FM or AM, CD player
- Android phone power cord
- I Phone power cord
- Floor Lighting / Alternating Multi-colored Lights
- Rear Cargo Area and Roof Rack
- Car is equipped with "Sync system"

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